Penn&Slavery Project 2020.06

Client: University of Pennsylvania                                                                                                     Status: Not yet Published.

In 2017, a group of Penn undergraduates founded the Penn & Slavery Project. Members of the project have investigated Penn’s connections to slavery and scientific racism. They have also researched the significant contributions of African Americans on campus. The Penn & Slavery Project’s work teaches us that no colony, state, or well-funded university was buffered from slavery’s reach. Penn’s story is a national story, and one of great importance to our ongoing efforts to come to terms with our nation’s history of slavery. User can use the map to discover six portals around campus that tells part of this important story. User can follow the instructions on their screen to initiate the AR experience of each portal around campus. --Cited from Penn&Slavery Project.


UI Development(Unity3D, C#, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop), AR Development(Unity3D, ARFoundation, C#, Shaders)

Six Different AR Experience.

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