AdNewsAR - effectTV 2020.01


AdNews AR - effectv is a published augmented reality App for user to experience the latest issue of Philly Ad News! Users can scan the pages to unlock related video contents, augmented ads, and more. This app is also your go-to for the latest Philly Ad News headlines and Ad Club events. This App is available for download at:

To build this interactive AR magazine, I created a virtual experience that users can scan the page, and then animations pop up, allowing users to swipe through different pages with diverse topics and styles by using Unity3D and ARFoundation. This new interaction brings 2D contents into 3D word, allowing users to have latest interactive experience in AR other than traditional AR videos.


Interaction Design, Prototyping, Development (Unity, ARFoundation, Android SDK, Xcode)  


Highlighted colorful icon of effectv by making it as an animation. Colorful animation plays when user swipes to another page, making it to be more attractive! For the topics on the top of the page, it comes in an opposite way, allowing user to notice each topics. Last but not least, it goes to carousel mode if user does not swipe on it for a while. This can bring attention to people that this is a scrollable AR experince.

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